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The daily lives of millions of people will be moving into Web3. Through this adoption, we will see companies and business models emerge that could not exist without tokenization in the same way that Web2 companies could not exist without smartphones or the internet. 

We believe that DAOs and Web3 organizations are the future of organizing labor and capital. But, to achieve this level of adoption, there are significant challenges that yet need to be overcome. Web3 organizations must comply with local employment, tax and securities laws globally—or face serious, real-world consequences.

WorkDAO is a wrap-around legal and HR solution that bridges existing regulatory structures and the innovation of Web3 to deliver equitable, legal & compliant employment to contributors and Web3 organizations.

WorkDAO is built by Web3-natives, for Web3-natives and aims to unlock the ecosystem to the next one hundred million contributors.


Provide an employment solution designed for the specific challenges of Web3 and facilitate the continued, sustainable growth of the ecosystem.

Design a contributor experience second-to-none. An experience that is legal, compliant, equitable, and that values the efforts of the builders and creators.

Work with regulatory bodies to update and redefine labor and employment regulations around the globe that support, not diminish, the fundamental ethos of Web3.


Regardless of the role, we look for smart humans who thrive in fast-paced environments, who have a high tolerance for complexity, and who won’t stop searching for solutions until they invent them.

We look for people who have (or are intentional about getting) experience working in an early-stage startup where priorities may shift quickly and the role may go beyond what is in the job description, and who are excited about having an influence over product development and company’s growth trajectory.

We work with self-aware, kind and empathetic people who are ready to learn and willing to build. Attitude is everything.