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Legal & compliant Web3 employment

DAOs & Web3 organizations exist on-chain, borderlessly. Contributors are hyper jurisdictional and have to follow laws and regulations of the jurisdiction. 

Both must comply with local employment, tax and securities laws globally—or face serious, real-world consequences.

WorkDAO is the full stack employment solution that helps the world of Web3 navigate complex regulations legally and efficiently.


Compensation designed for Web3.

The only compliant solution designed for token only payroll.

Get paid how you want, when you want. Forget the hassle of tax calculation; we’ll handle it.


A new standard for contributor experience

We go beyond the legal minimum.

We're here to redefine the global standard for the support, benefits and experience you deserve.



We’re looking to partner with organizations with the most complex problems first to accelerate the growth of Web3. If you think your organization qualifies, click here to give us a bit more detail and we’ll be in touch.

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