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A new standard for contributor experience.

We go beyond the legal minimum. We're here to redefine the global standard for the support, benefits and experience you deserve.

Contributor benefits that actually make a difference

Health insurance, paid leave, training, personal development, pension contributions, visa support…You name it, we can provide it.

Your expert support team

24/7 access to our expert team of People Ops & Contributor Experience partners who provide critical support for your employment in Web3.

They support you with conflict resolution, navigating the complexities of a DAO, payment disputes and so much more.

Onboarding & off-boarding

Establishing a sense of belonging and helping you find your feet on your new project - we do it.

Project coming to an end or ready for a new opportunity - we help you transition.

Career development

Feeling like you’re stagnating? Ready to make the next move but don’t know how? Getting bored?

We support you in up-skilling or transitioning to a new project or organization.


We’re looking to partner with organizations with the most complex problems first to accelerate the growth of Web3. If you think your organization qualifies, click here to give us a bit more detail and we’ll be in touch.

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