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The freedom of Web3 and real-world benefits.

Paid on time. How you want. Legally.

We’ve cut through all the red tape… You choose how you want to get compensated for your contribution. We make sure you get paid on time, legally.

Forget about managing income taxes. We do it for you

Managing your tax burden is difficult. We’ve taken that pain away with our Token Tax Engine. Calculating and distributing tax obligations where required, globally.

HR services that make a difference. Employment benefits that you need.

We’ve redefined the contributor experience. You get to choose from our exceptional benefits packages and we provide the support you need to continue to grow, succeed and be happy


We’re looking to partner with organizations with the most complex problems first to accelerate the growth of Web3. If you think your organization qualifies, click here to give us a bit more detail and we’ll be in touch.

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