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Reduce critical compliance risk. Provide the best experience to your contributors. Save your organization time and money. 

Our service is designed for DAOs and Web3 organizations but serves the needs of all corporate structures.

Legal & compliant employment

We are the only Web3-native solution that provides legal and compliant employment services to organizations and contributors.

Global compliance for contributors, indemnification for your employment practices.

Reduce the cost, save time.

Setting up the infrastructure to employ talent legally & globally is difficult and expensive. Failing to do so can cost you a lot more.

We’ve done it for you. Our employment service is designed as a shared good for all organizations to benefit from.

A new standard for contributor experience

Your contributors are the backbone of your success. From on-boarding to off-boarding we make sure they are supported and have access to the benefits they need to succeed.

Easing the burden on HR teams

Maximizing your team’s capacity to deal with unprecedented growth.

Our team of HR partners can work as an extension of your HR team to manage and support your contributors across the globe.

IP Custodianship

IP ownership in Web3 is a murky area of legality.

We can act as the custodian of all IP rights created by contributors or the organization itself to reduce operational or asset risk.

DAOify, today

Looking to transition your corporation into or spin up a DAO?

We can provide a comprehensive employment plan for how you provide legal, compliant & equitable employment structures for your team.


We’re looking to partner with organizations with the most complex problems first to accelerate the growth of Web3. If you think your organization qualifies, click here to give us a bit more detail and we’ll be in touch.

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