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Our goal is to comply with global labor regulation & statutory requirements, and assist in the creation of self-mandated regulations for Web3.

Complying with all labor laws

WorkDAO considers itself the ultimate employer… of any employee… in any jurisdiction. Traditionally, you would refer to what we do as EOR services, but we refer to it is the Employment Wrapper.

We go above and beyond simply hiring people on our clients behalf. It's a full end-to-end service of People Ops support for our clients and contributors and full compliance with the complexities of global labor regulations. Our attitude is thus;

• We provide an exceptionally high standard of compliance so that we are following all rules and regulations to the letter of the law, globally.

• WorkDAO itself is responsible for any mistakes that occur. WorkDAO expects to be held accountable for any mistakes, accepting responsibility as the employer.

Simply put, no other EOR / company relationship is structured this way or admitted to being structured in this way, such that typically there is no ultimately accountable party. With WorkDAO, there are multiple accountable parties with (hopefully) sufficient resources, and a mandate to partner positively with every local jurisdiction.

Working together to ensure Web3 works

Regulators exist to ensure safety and security of markets for business and consumers, alike. We want to work with them to enhance existing, or build new, regulations that keep Web3 organizations and contributors safe and secure.

Our model already means contributors and organizations comply with all local legislation and pay all taxes due. Contributors are part of their local societies and we’ll help them play their part.

WorkDAO aims to build a global constitution that sets the standard for how to govern and regulate the new, cross-border ecosystem in the most forward thinking, labor-friendly, and aligned-in-spirit ruleset and implementation.

Ideally, as WorkDAO grows our constitution can serve as an example framework for global regulators to model global treaties and conventions.

We'll be seeking to invite regulators to join us in crafting this constitution alongside community members prior to a vote on its adoption.


We’re looking to partner with organizations with the most complex problems first to accelerate the growth of Web3. If you think your organization qualifies, click here to give us a bit more detail and we’ll be in touch.

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